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Goldman Equipment’s Field Day in Waterproof, Louisiana on June 26th was a great success! Farmers from the region who attended this event learned about the technology that will help them improve overall efficiency and field productivity. The agricultural equipment innovations introduced are the technologies of the future. IMC was proud to have two of their scrapers included in the demonstration: the IMC Folding Land Leveler (FLL Series) and the IMC Ejector Finishing Scraper (E Series).

Kevin and Francis Derden of IMC attended the event. Kevin believes this is only the beginning of the advances in farming operation technologies. “I was very impressed with the over-all presentation given by Goldman Equipment’s Integrated Solutions staff. They had a state-of-the-art mobile education center that can be set up in a farmer’s shop for ‘on site training’. Our scrapers compliment John Deere’s line of precision agriculture equipment and we are grateful to be included.”




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