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Containerized Scrapers for Overseas Shipping


IMC continues to break new ground in building relationships with overseas customers. All of the scraper models manufactured by IMC can now be shipped via "Container". Containerization of equipment provides many advantages over the usual "Roll On/Roll Off" method used by large scraper manufacturers. "Time" and "Money" are very important for foreign buyers. Containers allow for significantly reduced costs in freight charges often saving the customer thousands of dollars. Containers can also be shipped in a more timely fashion. Many manufacturers/customers experience freight delays because of their shipments being bumped due to factors beyond their control, i.e. military shipments taking precedence. Containers are less likely to experience this problem. Shipping in containers also allows customers to add support parts and/or other items that are usually sent in separate shipments. (Weight restrictions may apply)

Shipping via container does require the customer to have the ability to provide assembly and, depending on the model, some light fabrication. Videos and detailed instructions are supplied to assist in the assembly.

IMC Scrapers continues to help customers "Make the Earth Move".


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