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Industrial Manufacturing Corporation
5510 N. Hwy 31
PO Box 70
Sherrill, Arkansas 72152 USA

Toll Free: 800.533.1893
Phone: 870.766.8378
Fax: 870.766.8379
Email: info@imcscrapers.com


Scott Scruggs
Carson Slaughter
JR Deniz
Brandi Houser

Email: sales@imcscrapers.com
Phone: 800.533.1893
Please include which state you are in when you place
the email to our sales staff if you are in United States.


Emily Hodges, Kevin Derden

Email: logistics@imcscrapers.com
JR Deniz
Email: jr@kdsales.com



Drainage Agridel
Contact: Philippe Delattre
806 Route 201
St-Clet, Quebec Canada

E-mail: drainageagridel@hotmail.fr
Phone: 514.269.3597


Agricultura Cientifica
Contact: Jose M. Aguero, Ing.
Apdo. 123-1230
San Jose, Costa Rica 10107

E-mail: jose@agriculturacientifica.com
Phone: +50 68.821.4423
Website: www.agrocheck.com

Manufacturera de Departes de Exportaction SA. DE C.V.
Contact: Tomas Iruegas, Ing.
Blvd Sanbuena #507D
Col. Los Pinos Z.P. 25716
Monclova, Coahuila, Mexico

Email: info@mpe-mexico.com
Phone: +52 1.866.638.0525
Website: www.mpe-mexico.com

Baltic Manufacturing Group, SIA
Contact: Viktors Melbardis
Diklu iela 9
Riga, Latvia 1002
E-mail: viktors@imcscrapers-eame.com
Phone: +371 29 22 80 78
Web Site: www.imcscrapers-eame.com
Bohumir Vincent
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 (602) 715 340
E-mail: b.vincent@imcscrapers.com

John Spooner
Adelaide, Australia
Tel: +61 420.89.4040
E-mail: john@imcscrapers.com

Himesh Patel
Farmco International LTD
Phone: +44 7977 418 431
E-mail: himesh@farmcointernational.com


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