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IMC Scrapers working in California & Arizona

July 29, 2013

The Colorado River at the Imperial Diversion Dam provides waters to the Imperial and Coachella valleys as well as Yuma, Arizona. The majority of California water is used by the agricultural industry. More than half of the water is used to irrigate the nearly half-million acres of productive farmland in California’s Imperial Valley, the largest year-round irrigated area in the United States. In the winter, this region supplies a majority of the vegetables in the nation’s supermarkets. There have been disputes over water rights and environmental issues in this area for decades. Land leveling is playing a major role in water conservation in the Imperial Valley. Gwen Brittain of IMC had the privilege of traveling the region with a representative from RDOIC (RDO Integrated Controls), Will Newbourn. He introduced her to farm owners and contractors who were leveling their ground. They discussed their concerns regarding the future of the water supply and productivity of the farmland. To them, precision land leveling is not an “option” – it is a necessity. After the land is level, maintenance is required to keep it “to grade”. Gwen visited Chaffin Farms in Blythe, California where they maintain their ground with IMC finishing scrapers. The photos shown are of the IMC Folding Land Leveler (FLL Series) working at their farm. IMC wishes to thank Will, Grant, Greg, and Jose for their hospitality.

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